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Written Experiences

This compilation of stories is the veterans themselves talking about their experiences during the war. Click the underlined title to download the story for free.

12th Armored Division

Command Sgt. Major James H. Clifford​

Julien D. Saks​

17th Armored Infantry Battalion

Warren Maue

Russell Rasmussen

Carl J. Helton

    F. George Hatt, Jr

Herman J. Ernspiker

Carl J. Lyons

Edward Waszaki

Luke Zilles

23rd Tank Battalion

Andrew F. Woods​

43rd Tank Battalion

Newton Wolpert

44th Tank Battalion

Ray Cartier

56th Armored Infantry Battalion

Marvel Rowland

Ed Pierce

66th Armored Infantry Battalion

Charles (Carl) D. Beattie

Cliff Radel, The Enquirer

Bob Kampling

Thomas Perrett

Ward McGill

82nd Medical Battalion

Bernard Rice

92nd Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron

William V. Finn

119th Armored Engineer Battalion

      John P. Parkison

493rd Armored Field Artillery

Robert J. Hartwig

494th Armored Field Artillery

  Kenneth Bradstreet

572nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery

J. Hausner

714th Tank Battalion

George G. Moss

Howard Elwell Myers​

Our policy is to include only Primary Source Materials (writings by the veterans themselves) and

Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Articles (academically-accepted secondary sources) relevant to the history of the 12th Armored Division. We reserve the right not to publish or distribute any materials that we deem objectionable, offensive, or otherwise inconsistent with our objective of honoring the members of the 12th Armored Division.

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