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Here, There, or Online

No matter who you are, there’s always something to learn at the 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum. With a variety of ways to reach everyone across the country, we look forward to helping you and your group learn about World War II and the Holocaust. Get in touch with us for more information about group packages, school tours, and distance learning.

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Prices range from $20-$100

Now available to rent is an artifact footlocker with hands-on learning opportunities and lesson plans covering various topics.

There are multiple rental options depending on the number of lesson plans requested. 

Online Interactive Learning

 Allies and Axis: ​The Who's Who of WWII

Provides the 'Big Picture' of World War II- a basic overview examining the combatant nations and alliances, their leadership & government, and significant contributions to the war effort. Features original artifacts and primary source materials.

Online Interactive Learning

"We Saw It, We Smelled It, It Really Happened, and It Was Horrible"

Letters, pictures, artifacts and oral histories are presented so that students will understand the severity of the Holocaust. Officially recognized as liberators of the Hurlach 4 Sub-camp of Dachau, the 12th Armored Division's soldiers provide eyewitness testimony about the Holocaust and how it affected them both immediately and later in life.


$1 per student

Come bring your students to experience a guided tour of our three-floors of exhibits! Here they will learn about the different parts of an armored division, experience what life was like on the homefront, see different weapons that were used, and of course, see and learn about the vehicles.

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