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Eisenhower's Thorn on the Rhine

Eisenhower's Thorn on the Rhine

This is the story of the Sixth Army Group (7th US and 1st French Armies) which fought on the southern flank of the SHAEF front. The French had multiple problems during this campaign- due to paucities in supply or training- so that an increasing number of American divisions needed to take part. In the process the 3rd and 28th Infantry Divisions, and the 10th and 14th Armored, among others were able to cover themselves with heroism, though hardly more than the threadbare German 19th Army, which bravely resisted against enormous odds until finally the west bank of the Rhine was cleared. 


The Germans- by then a mix of hardened vets and new recruits- held on as long as they could, with the Colmar Pocket their only toehold before the Allies reached the Reich itself. Amidst a horrific winter and rough terrain, interspered by demolished towns, both sides traded blows in a ferocious campaign often neglected in histories of the war. This book informs us fully of the hard-fought and costly struggle waged on that often-neglected sector of the front. 

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