Crossing the Zorn

Crossing the Zorn

Conceived in desperation after the Battle of the Bulge in Januray 1945, Germany's Opernation Nordwind culminated in the frozen Alsatian fields surrounding the Zorn River. In what was expected to be an easy offensive, the German 10th Waffen SS Panzer Division attacked the American 12th Armored Division near the villages of Herrlisheim and Weyersheim. Neither army foresaw the savage violence that ensued.


Combining the vivid eyewitness account of veterans from both sides of the conflict with information gleaned from a variety of long-unavailable print sources, this richly detailed history casts a fascinating light on a little-known but crucial battle in the Second World War. Commin stalwart German and AMerican soldiers carried out near-impossible orders. 


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